Erotic Short Stories: MFM/FF

Story # 1
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Dara is a hot college professor who has more than teaching English Lit on her mind. When her cougar instincts come on line, a few male students teach her a lesson, a very hard lesson.

All 8 short stories in 1 boxed set!

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Included titles are as follows:

A Hard Lesson, where Dara Nichols gets "schooled" by a few students...
To Protect and Service, Dara gets pulled over by the cops and taken in hand...
The 13th Floor, Dara attends a professors' symposium and things heat up in the elevator...
The Boardroom, Dara's sexual encounter with her students is discovered and she receives some much-deserved discipline...
The Four Whoresmen, Dara takes a weekend getaway at a remote ranch and gets man-handled...
The Masquerader's Balls, Dara and Zoe get nailed by a couple of masked men...
The Ball Player, Dara takes one for the team at the local gym...
The Cock Tale, Dara and Zoe teach university President Craig Taylor a final lesson in etiquette, they're the master and he becomes the slave... 

Erotic Short Stories: MFM/FF/MM
Story #1

Zoe's always in charge, until her firefighter boyfriend gets his hose on....

Zoe Scott finds herself in a sexual slump after the fun at University President Taylor's party this last summer. Zoe is accustomed to being the schemer of she and Dara's sexcapades and needs another fix. 

Now that she has a vanilla firefighter boyfriend, she yearns for something more. 

Something Darrell can't provide. 

Or can he... ? 

The Zoe Scott series 1-8

Get ready for hot sexual encounters of menage, bisexual, vivid erotica and romance that will turn the reader into a voyeur in the Zoe Scott Series.... 
Zoe is restless when her firefighter boyfriend doesn't bring the unexpected. When erotic circumstances present themselves, she and best friend Dara, manipulate Darrell into a place where he sheds his vanilla mindset and goes along for a sexual ride of epic proportions. But can it last forever? 

Included titles are as follows

#1, SMOLDERING WET, Zoe discovers Darrell is not as vanilla as he seems.... 

#2, COLD FIRE, Zoe and Dara get tangled up at the firehouse and are in need of a rescue.... 

#3, INTERNAL COMBUSTION, When two vikings get involved, Darrell blows a circuit.... 

#4, BACK DRAFT, Darrell throws down an ultimatum that ruffles Zoe's feathers.... 

#5, CHARGED HOSE, Zoe learns that she can't take the vanilla out of the man... 

#6, PIKE POLE, Dara convinces Zoe to go straight.... 

#7, POINT of IGNITION, Some of Dara and Zoe's past exploits come back to haunt them.... 

#8, BOILING OVER, Zoe commits to Darrell, but not the way he's thinking.... 

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