*A psychological dark romantic suspense thriller.

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“Would you pay fifty million for your soul mate?” 

Francisco “Paco” Castillo is a bilingual billionaire with unconventional ideas about love, sex and possession. He believes there is no other half to make him whole. Paco dreams of experimenting with a dangerous reality not of his own making. Club Alpha owner, Zaire Sebastian, can make Paco's vision a reality—for a price. 

Greta Dahlem is an extreme sports executive whose ambition masks a terrible secret. When her mentor Gia Township, sponsors her as a player in Club Alpha, Greta's unsure she can survive the inherent risk of the game Zaire weaves. But in her heart, Greta yearns for a man who will complete her, and erase the brutal tragedy of two years ago. 

As the fantasy progresses, Greta comes to realize she is the loose string in a plot of murder and deception that begins to unravel. Without knowing who to trust, Greta must decide between two men. When the three are thrown together, the lines of reality and fantasy blur. 

Is there any way for her to know what is real? 

Cliff-hanger free
Standalone novel

*Future standalone romantic suspense series


  1. Please continue this story!!!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading CA! This book was always meant to kick-off a series about ultra-wealthy singles finding love in the most unique way. I plan to write a follow up in 2018. Please subscribe to my spam-free newsletter at the top of this page to receive new release alerts. I also do reading via youtube.

      (PS, Club Alpha will feature foreign locales.)

      Xo Marata


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