Vampire Alpha Claim 9 Release!

Vampire Alpha Claim 9 Release! 

The thrilling conclusion to the Final Enforcement spin-off novella, Bigger-Bites serial.

The First Species has captured Grace and Toby, and their Alpha leader, Conrick, seems utterly unrepentant. Unwilling to let them go, he attempts to integrate Grace in a way she never expected, and isn't sure she wants. Her connection to the first human turned by a hybrid vampire is strong, and Murphy is coming for her. Grace can feel it.

Bounty enforcer Murphy will find Grace, regardless the cost. Her blood calls to him, and he is helpless to ignore its sweet summons. Unfortunately, Grace's ancient DNA entices many groups whose primary design is to perpetuate their species, through any method that works. Will Doric, the leader of the prehistorics make a bid for Grace as well?

Are the Mutables closing in around her to anoint her as the sacrificial lamb?

Can Grace survive long enough before her transition kills her? Or will those who seek to claim her save Grace from a certain death.

Vampire is app.110 pages/27,000 words, and is the ninth episodic volume in the ALPHA CLAIM serial. Final Enforcement is a spin-off novella based on the VAC and SAC serials.
Hi Readers!

Thanks so much for your support!

I will be continuing the Alpha Claim world with The First Species in 2017, an erotic and romantic continuation of the Shifter Alpha Claim serial.

Xo Marata
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