THE TOKEN Boxed Set, Volumes 1-3 Intro Price; .99 Cents!

Hi Readers! Everyone cares about size, right?


Well... in the interest of length, I have put together a bundle of the first 3 volumes of The Token series~
For the special introductory price of: .99 CENTS!

Why? The volumes are selling pretty good individually...
Because of reader demand.

Now, if the bundle does a "meh," that's the beauty of being a self-pubbed author in this case. I just pull the bundle, and go back to individuals.

The .99c price point is great for readers and not so great for authors, so this really will be an intro-only. I know a lot of bundles are .99c with a ton of volumes and that's great if they're selling like hotcakes. But the more modest sellers? That doesn't work as well.

Grab your copy today before I hike the price!

THE TOKEN Boxed Set Download HERE


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