THE TOKEN 7: THORN Available for PreOrder!

Hi Readers! I have a PreOrder one-click link and release date for THE TOKEN 7: THORN

Coming July 25!

Thorn is sent to open new flesh clubs for billionaire Jared "Mick" McKenna. When he returns, certain truths are revealed from the past that cause a shift he's unprepared for. 

Kiki confronts Thorn with the truth and he denies her. Kiki wants something from Thorn he's unable to give. Instead, he dives into the mystery of a past that holds abuse, survival and dark secrets that only the two of them hold the key to unlock. 

Can Kiki and Thorn transcend the demons of past circumstances to live how they were meant to? Or will some ghosts seek vengeance no matter how long they've been buried...?


Double the length! 
Double the fun!
Thorn has a story to tell....


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