Tortuous Tuesday Teaser for THE TOKEN 3 Here!

Hi guys! I'm reading through THE TOKEN 3 and getting wound up about it. I think I'll let off some of that creative steam ...

And share ....

A little bit of Sexual Tension
Or a lot!

The Danger of Discovery ....

... makes for...  a Hole in One

THE TOKEN 3 has all of that and more!

Who is Thorn?
Will Faren come clean with Mick *come clean* 
Will they discover each other only to Fail?
Is there more danger to fret over besides the obvious?
Of course there is....

Read this exchange between Thorn and Faren:

... “Bullshit.” His black eyes blaze into mine, his hand that grips mine tightens and a little pain sound breaks the seal of my lips.

“Please,” I breathe through the pain and his eyes flash to mine, dropping my hand.

It twitches in the space between us. I won't be able to use it for a few minutes.

My eyes meet his.

“I know accidents,” Thorn says slowly, then finishes. “This isn't no accident.”

I swallow, clearing my throat. “How do you know?” My voice is quiet inside the purring car, my body tense.

Our gazes lock.

“Because,” his hand gently lifts my twitching palm again, running a finger over the scar at the center. “I know knives.”

Of course he does ...


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