Houston Book Rave November 2!

Hi Guys!

This is my super-sexy assistant Autumn from Martini Times! We're digging the Houston Book Rave together!

There's lots of authors here Readers! Signing books! Flinging swag! And... Barnes and Noble hauled our books here so peeps could buy a copy if they don't have one!

Yeah.... baby!

Tonight there'll be a spankin' Dia de los muertos after party at the Holiday Inn where we writers are holed up! Be there and mingle! Get prizes! Get the dead vibe- all awesome! Haven't had enough of Halloween?

Us Gallery Girls have to stick together! 

Katy Evans~ I get to meet her today :)

There's ATL! Loving it :D

Come see us today!


13801 Holly Park 
Houston, TX 77015

xo Marata


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