BRANDON Cover Reveal Here! Santa's Not the Only One Coming to Town! Volume #3 of The Siren Series....

Brandon's all grown up girls! That's right... uh-huh. Aubree and Beau's baby is out and on his own- ready to test his mixed Mer and Druid genetics on hapless mixed blood beauties!


Brandon has survived his first battle fighting shoulder to shoulder with the warriors of the Mer while a dangerous rogue named Constantine defies supernatural logic and escapes with a Mer princess. Meanwhile, his unusual age progression advances him in the ranks of Mer hierarchy until he discovers  the corruption within.

Brandon leaves in stealth as he arrived, taking the one Mer warrior who he can trust. He and Madden form an alliance borne of hope. Hope to find females to protect and breed while saving those from the evilness that has overtaken the Mer stronghold.

When Brandon discovers that illegal theft of the sea gems is not the only black commerce the humans and corrupt Mer are partaking in, he and Madden determine to stop the trade of female flesh. Little does Brandon know the key to the underground trafficking is the one woman meant for him and him alone....


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