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Smoldering Wet

Short story #1, SMOLDERING WET, coming before Halloween!

Look for the whole volume of 8 short erotic treats to be released around New Years!


Zoe Scott finds herself in a sexual slump after the fun at University President Taylor's party this last summer. Zoe is accustomed to being the schemer of she and Dara's sexcapades and needs another fix. 

Now that she has a vanilla firefighter boyfriend, she yearns for something more.

Something Darrell can't provide.

Or can he... ?


Darrell took Zoe's arm and she let him, a little flutter of excitement lighting in her chest as he exited through the back of the mansion. Dara followed, along with the four guys that trailed after them.

The music slipped away as the night embraced them and the building rose up on top of a knoll as it came into view. It was an old-fashioned firehouse. It wasn't in use anymore, Zoe knew, but she could see that a low light flared inside one of the multi-divided windows. The cross-hatching of the quartzite was a subtle shadowing at the corners of the building and the only definition that it stood against the dark sky.

Darrell towed her toward the wide, barn-style doors and flipped the heavy bar off the brass clamps that held it closed and pushed them apart.

Zoe moved through and her eyes took in the space.

Everywhere she looked there were hoses. They hung from brass pegs embedded in the solid stone walls, the nickel worn through to the buttery brass that glowed softly in the low lighting. They were long. Like cloth ropes.


Tie-able ....


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