BROLACH Teaser Here!

Big Time Over 18+ years of age for this excerpt Peeps!
Because it's raw, deviant and delicious! 


Hi Guys... I plan to finish BROLACH on Monday, then read through- then:
It's off to my handy dandy editor

What's in BROLACH?


& Halos
& Kissing... and stuff

Ready for BROLACH?

I am.

Check this out:

Lucas speared the female with his scalding tongue and found, to his deep shame, that he liked her soft little moans of pleasure as she forced him to give her pleasure above his own.

It was hell on earth.

When she shuddered a final time beneath his mouth, her core releasing her wet pleasure everywhere on his face as he gently pulled away from her pulsating goodness.

His eyes traveled to his hand.

It was healed.

And no longer red.


More please more....

Mia's eyes broke away first and huffed her displeasure, moving her legs apart and the human removed the offending digits and lowered himself on top of her. His pathetic cock found her easily and she smiled, her eyes meeting those of Lucas over the minion's shoulder.

He would get that dick scorched off his body.

Fred plunged inside Mia in a sure stroke of desire without logic, his penis giving a lustful surge of increased hardness. Then the burning began and Fred tried to pull out, thinking the pain would soften him. It did not, his dick became like a flagpole on fire as he tore it out of the female....


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