And the Demons are Coming! BROLACH Teaser Here!

That's right guys, I've outdone myself on far-fetched story lines with BROLACH and you're gonna dig the new paranormal alphas I've tossed in like hunks-of-love in the book sauce guys!
Read this little excerpt to see some of our fave studs in action:


Fred prostrated himself on the ground in front of the fire lord, his palms flat, steam clinging and swirling on all the surfaces. Lucas' anger beat down on Fred and he cringed, the silence being worse than his words.

“I do not believe that lie. It sounds as if you make up a falsehood to buy yourself time with your skin intact....”

Fred knew that Lucas meant to filet his skin from his body. He put his forehead on the floor, his sweat dampening the ground beneath him. “Please, master... I'm not lying. Brolach spared the half-breed female with wings from heaven...”

“Do not name that place!” Lucas hissed. He swung his leg out and it connected with Fred's flank, breaking one rib and cracking one beside it.

Fred gasped, his entire body arced in an exaggerated hiccup as his hand clung to his injured side and he held up the other under the subjugation from his demon master. “From above!” Fred squealed like a pig on a spit, “from above, master,” he repeated, his voice breaking into a plaintive whisper....


Violent, no?

Oh yes! Give me more!

When will BROLACH be "live?" Well, totally trying to make it happen by Halloween, Readers. It should be completely done by the 15th and into edits at that point. I will begin immediately on BRANDON, volume #3 in Siren then move onto the yet untitled, Druid #9. 

I'd like to thank all of you for hanging in there with me through the peaks and valleys of the last year of my life! Your patience shall be rewarded! ;)


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