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....Certainly Clearwater notices it as I try to catch every soft defense he puts up against me on our days that we spar.

I shove Jewell out of my mind and Clearwater moves in for the kill, his silky black pants making the barest of rushing noises as he sweeps me and through brute strength I lay him out on his back.

I spin as his foot lands in my gut and fall on my hands and knees.

“You've drawn blood, my friend....” Dec says, swiping it away with a nonchalant hand. “A killing offense for my people.”

I spring up, his dark eyes follow me like a raven's: tracking, watchful... with killing intensity.

“Hey guys,” Luke calls from the sidelines. “Chill fucking out.”

“Fuck off,” I say, circling Clearwater.

I make a stab at Dec and he leans like a breeze caught him away from my fist, striking me high and deep along my ribs and the bones shriek, holding... fuck that hurt.

He nods and backs up, had enough? that look says.

Fuck no.

I roar, barreling into him and he spins my big body, putting my arm in a classic bar. It's a make it or break it baby. I feel the tension and it sings in a searing sweep from my wrist to shoulder.

“You need to fucking claim her before you kill one of us,” Dec bites out.

Navajo shit again. “What?” I rasp, his bent knee a ground point in my back, sweat dripping and pooling where my left palm bites into the mat, my dominant arm jacked up behind me.

“Jesus... you guys,” Adams says, walking toward us.

“No,” Clearwater says to Adams. “Let him decide if he'll fight with this arm another day.”

“Yes... fuck,” I concede and the pressure releases. Dec bounds up and away and I get up slowly. He watches me with caution, like an unbroken horse and I smile at him with a grim bite of rage.

“What the fuck is this?” Adams asks.

Dec flicks his eyes to Adams. “This is a warrior with a faceless enemy.”

“I know who the goddamned enemy is, Clearwater,” I say, my chest heaving as my arm burns from the torture of an arm bar, throbbing with the near miss of a break.

Clearwater backs off further. “My people believe that every warrior has a true soulmate... a woman that counters the fighting heart,” he puts a fist to his chest, his usual humor having departed since Jewell's hospital stay. That coincides perfectly with my merciless fucking black mood that's descended since then.

Adams remains silent. He knows from sheer experience that this rookie Fed is wiser than both of us combined. “To find the enemy, you must first forgive yourself, Cas. Then, you must go to Jewell MacLeod and resolve your feelings for her....”


Watch for another deleted scene next Friday! Unedited- spoiler free! Just for my Readers....

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  1. OMG!!!!!!! If that was deleted, I am on pins and needles for the ones in the book. I can't wait. You are killing me!!!! Loved, loved, loved ATL and already love ABT. Thank you and please keep the books coming.

    1. I have two more scenes to share! *Stoked* Thanks for writing Missy, and telling me how much you enjoyed ATL! :D


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