Hi Readers! ABT is releasing this Monday and this is my final deleted scene before it publishes!

We're going to find out what really makes Cas tick on Monday!
Why this photo? 'Cuz I like it!

Here's another dandy guys....
Seeing a theme?

Okay, I've goofed around long enough. Without further ado... here's a piece of Jewell that didn't make it into all the Hotness that was Cas in A BRUTAL TENDERNESS....

“Girlfriend... you gotta give him a chance,” Carlie says, scooping her hair behind her ear, where most stays, only a small spiral bounces forward stubbornly.

Jewell swirls the spoon in her coffee, adding real cream as she does. She watches the vanilla-colored spiral wind then disappear as she moves the spoon in a lazy circle.

“No,” Jewell answers for the hundredth time.

Carlie blows the loose curl from her face and picks up the ten cards from Cas and slaps them in front of Jewell and she flinches.

“He. Fucking. Gives. A. Shit,” Carlie says, her eyes slits of anger.

“Just because you've forgiven him doesn't mean I have to.”

Carlie vigorously nods her head. “Yeah, I gotcha. I gotcha. But hear me out...”

“I have,” Jewell interrupts.

Carlie ignores her, soldiering on through Jewell's weak objection. “No dude in the fucking universe goes to this kind of trouble. The case is over, no one is asking for interviews anymore.”

Thank God, Jewell thinks.

“I mean... the man was on suspension with pay for what? A month? He could have any piece of tail if he wanted...”

Jewell feels her face frown and Carlie gives and evil smile. “I knew it,” she breathes out, “I knew it bugs you.”

Jewell can't help herself. “Is he seeing someone?”

Carlie does coy like an expert. “I don't know, why don't you answer the one thousand text messages he's sent you. Or the fifty thousand phone calls...”

Jewell snorts. “It's not that many!”

Carlie looks at her.

Jewell gives a sheepish expression. “Okay, maybe nine hundred, ninety-nine texts and...”

“Forty-nine thousand, four hundred and ninety-nine texts,” they say at the same time.

Carlie gives her a grin.

“And you have to see your parents, Mackey.”

Jewell sucks in a deep breath. “That's different.”

“Get it all done at once.”

Jewell shifts her weight on the stool at the kitchen counter, warming her hands on the coffee mug, thinking... stalling.

Finally, she caves. “What are you suggesting?”

“Yes!” Carlie hisses, driving her arm in a fist and gyrating her hips in a pump as Jewell laughs.

“I think,” Carlie says, placing her splayed hand against her chest and fluttering her eyelashes.

“Come on,” Jewell says through the drama that is Carlie.

“In my infinite wisdom...”

Jewell huffs out an exaggerated sigh.

“Okay.” Carlie makes a face, then brightens. “Call Cas the Stud and get him to go to this...”


“Yeah, this jag-up bullshit with your phoney-ass parents,” Carlie ends in a lilt.

Jewell does a slow blink at Carlie.

“What? I didn't say I want you to. I said it'd be good for you. Y'know, closure and all that happy crap.”

She shrugs, her animal print top sliding on her shoulder as she moves the eggs in the pan and the smell of breakfast fills the space.

Jewell's mouth waters. She spins her spoon in the cup. Carlie hums tunelessly to a song she just heard.


The clock ticks in the background, the sound a deafening echo.


Dammit. “Okay,” Jewell finally says quietly.

Carlie gives a sharp glance at Jewell, scanning her features.

Looking for truth.

She finds it and gives a sly smile. “You won't regret this, Mackey.”

“Yeah,” Jewell says softly. So totally regretting it.

The one word serves as acquiesce and reassurance rolled into one. Jewell is agreeing and affirming her choice.

Even if it's the wrong one.

Those butterflies in the jar stir, her soul begging for freedom.

Jewell thinks she's left it behind.

Hope. Now she knew that only the smallest seed was needed for it to germinate. Even now, without sunlight and water, it yearned to bloom.

Jewell could feel it spread....


  1. Marata I love this scene with Carlie and Jewel. Carlie spits fire with attitude. She knows when to put out a good fight becouse in the end we will see it her way. I'm so glad she was there to give Jewel that push she needed.

  2. I forgot to tell you I am the same way with my friends lol . Carlie is so me :-)

  3. I want to let you in on a little secret, LOL they call me mother earth LMAO because I come up with a solution for their issues all the time. Can you believe that.

  4. I want to let you in on a little secret, LOL they call me mother earth LMAO because I come up with a solution for their issues all the time. Can you believe that.


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