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Hi guys... I know you've been waiting for a snippet from ABT for awhile now and rest assured, it won't be the last!  This is entirely NEW material- never seen! As I've been promising for months there's a boatload of cool "in between" stuff that ATL fans are gonna dig!

How hot is Cas in ABT? Huh... check it out!
About this hot~
I think he's a believer in hygiene guys.... But no one should shower alone, just sayin'.

And now... for the excerpt!

No, Cas,” she says with a small smile, going up on her tiptoes, down, up... down. I watch her ass clench, the small muscles of her calfs rise like little balls.
I swallow hard, forcing myself to turn back to the boards that await installation, nailing the floorboard tight against the one before it with a solid whack of the mallet. I drive my knee forward, stabilizing it as I hit the wood. I pause and feel my face turn to her again, like a satellite come to orbit. Jewell moves fluidly, the jerky motions of two months ago lost to tireless practice, grace seeping in at the edges. Still, her face pinches with a knee twinge and I stand, slapping a board in reverse to hold the face nailed boards in place, keeping the run tight.
I hate words.
I hesitate, plunking the mallet down, I run my hand over my freshly sheered hair. I meet her stare and Jewell gives a small huff, grabbing the barre, the only one I've installed in this room for Jewell. For her dancing. It'd been an absolute dealbreaker for me. I told the realtor: I need this room or I don't buy the house.
When you find the woman you love just any space will simply not do.
I want a home for her.
More, I want her heart to beat again. Her happiness more important than my own.
I step onto the newly laid wood floor, that corner of the dance studio complete.
You're not supposed to be on here with your work boots, Cas,” she reprimands me.
It's so hot when she tries to tell me what to do.
Jewell forgets I can see her face in the mirror.
I come to stand behind her, seeing the flush on her face, the want. And it isn't from exercise.
Tell you what...” I begin, pressing up behind her, Jewell rises on her toes, facing the mirror which runs floor to ceiling. The barre is positioned at waist height, embedded in the sea of seamless glass.
Jewell's eyes meet mine and she gives a soft gasp as my arm snakes around her waist, the fingers of my other hand brushing her nipple. It fills my palm in a pebble of flesh....

You guys know how I love... ah... alternate locations? Well, I'm so doing that in ABT and I think I've done it in THE DARKEST JOY as well. Who needs beds? Right... ? LOL.


  1. Replies
    1. Y'know Marissa...those were my thoughts as well... LMAO! Lovin' me some CAS! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Marissa has a way with words... and I like it! lol ty~

  3. Marata this was totally hot. Cas know how to get my blood pumping. I mean i can really put him up there with Con. LOL

    1. I <3 ya, Crystal :D

      I'm not sure... *visualizes scale in head* Cas-Con-Cas-Con.... LMAO haha

  4. I already have volumes 1&2 (although the covers are different) and thrasher! If I win can I share my prize and just get number 8? :-)

    1. Yes... that works too. A "gifting" is just that... whatever you do with your gift(s), once they're in your possession is your prerogative :)

      xo M.


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