THE DARKEST JOY... Blurb Reveal!

Hi everyone! I've been waiting patiently to get you a blurb that doesn't *spoil*squawk* and is splendid! THE DARKEST JOY will release on February 18, 2014!

I think we're on to something here....

A sexy and poignant new adult novel from New York Times bestseller Marata Eros, about two lost lost souls who find each other in the wake of tragedy, only to learn that love may not be enough to heal the wounds of a dark and tortured past...

Twenty year-old Brooke Starr has escaped the aftermath of a brutal tragedy by abandoning her music studies and moving north to take a summer position as a part-time deck hand on a deep-sea fishing boat. When her survivor’s guilt becomes unbearable, Brooke realizes there's only one thing she can do to finally erase the pain.
Deep sea fisherman, Chance Taylor, has just wrapped his guitar set at the local saloon when he sees the silhouette of a young woman in repose, the full moon highlighting her shadow as she plummets from a pier too high for diving... into water too cold to survive. Without thinking, he plunges in after her, saving Brooke from drowning.
As Chance works to save her from her own emotional fragility, Brooke finally begins to learn how to save herself. But when their chemistry begins to consume them, Brooke withdraws. She’s determined to be the master of her own destiny... until the past catches up with her in a cataclysmic plan so dark, so final... it threatens their love and their very lives.

I totally don't mean to be a mystery writer but think I'm all over the suspense... and THE DARKEST JOY is suspenseful- very

What Does TDJ Have?

A hunky tattooed hero (what's my thing with tattooed guys? I don't know, they keep appearing in my novels....)


Heart Pounding Sex

What else is stuffed into TDJ?... lots! You'll have to read it to find out! 
Stay tuned for an excerpt next week!
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Update 6/18/13:

I have a little better idea of what I can produce now that I'm nearly finished with THE DARKEST JOY.  I'm listing my tentative publishing schedule in order based on time and with my real name and pen name first:

Tamara Rose Blodgett- BLOOD CHOSEN- before Labor Day
Marata Eros-BROLACH- before Labor Day
TRB- THE REFLECTIVE- before Halloween
ME- BRANDON- before Thanksgiving
ME- IN DRUID BLOOD (untitled, Druid #9) before Xmas

This is what I hope to accomplish- barring the unknown....
Thanks for your support!


  1. I hate wishing time away, but I can't wait until February!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Missy... it seems like a long time but the pub schedule is actually pretty fast, I was excited! xo



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