Goodreads 200th Fan Giveaway!

Hi Readers! I just received my 200th fan today on Goodreads and I'm kinda stoked!
Want to win something FREE? Like one of my works you haven't read? Terrific! Post your comment HERE and I will use to select a winner!  Watch for the announcement tomorrow....

Thanks for your support, Readers!


  1. I still haven't read Constantine (gasp!!)

  2. Congratulations on your 200th fan on Goodreads!!! There will be many more to come and it's a great accomplishment. I have been dying to read A Terrible Love so it would be great to win!!! Thank you for the giveaway and congratualtions again.


  3. Hi Guys! Two's too hard to choose!? I'll just gift you both! Stay tuned for your gifted copies :)


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