Amazon's ADULT Filtering...

Hi Readers! If some of you have been looking for my work, my latest release or whatnot you might not be able to find it. I have briefly touched on this subject in a prior post but feel like more of an explanation is in order. As of the beginning of May,  Amazon has slapped an "adult" filter on all my breeder titles and now those works cannot be found on the main Amazon search page.  Works that have a filter CAN be found under the "kindle store" drop down but most of us just go to Amazon, type in our search on the main browser bar and well... browse.

Now readers are missing quite a bit of what they're looking for. Writers who were top 100 erotica authors have all but disappeared  Beyond wrecked sales (for both the author and Amazon) the reader is hurt the very worst. Why? Because now their search for their fave reads and authors is hampered by a filtering system that does not filter some erotica... but whatever Amazon feels should have the filter.

Essentially the reader has been robbed of their choice. Smashwords has a "filtering" system too. You check a box saying: Yes, I do want adult content included in my search or NO, I do not. Simple, right?


You know me guys, I never rant. I'm a positive, hard-working person who loves my readers. However, this has crushed my enthusiasm to continue my breeder works. If my new releases will be crippled from the onset, how can I justify the time writing them (?)

That said, I am actively trying to work around this challenge and ask for your patience as I might have to revamp my entire catalog IN THE HOPES that it will conform with the super-secret code Amazon is using to determine which titles it thinks are mature and ones it doesn't. No, they're not using the adult filter on all erotica titles; just some.

Like always, you guys are great and I really appreciate all your support!!!

I'll keep you updated....

Marata xo


  1. Please don't stop your Breeders books! I love them! Your loyal fans will find you no matter what. We will just have to spread the word for you to new fans. Amazon is being ridiculous with the new filter.

    1. Ty... I'll try to screw on my thinking cap and be *smart* ;) and see what I can do so my partnership with Amazon as an independent author and publisher continues smoothly...

      Thanks so much for writing, my readers mean the world to me <3


  2. Great job make Breeders 1-3 free. I am totally hooked! Now you've got me for the rest of the series :-)

    1. Thank you, I hope you enjoy the subsequents just as much. I'm a huge reader too and understand how important a deal is!

      Marata xo

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