Want a Taste of my New Adult Romantic Suspense?

Hi Readers! While you're patiently waiting for another A BRUTAL TENDERNESS teaser, why wait? How about a small passage from my New Adult Romantic Suspense~

“Shit, that puts me in a tough spot.” He puts his hands on his hips and paces in front of me.

“I know,” I reply miserably. I just can't lie... not to him. I put a hand over my heart. Trying to hold in my misery through the hole that's there. My emotions are all over the place.

He stops in front of the window and gazes out at the sea. The whitecaps look like whipping cream against a green that mimics the grayness of the sky, the water reflecting the turmoil of my day....

Title and synopsis to come!


  1. Such a tease...
    Probable date for release, don't care about title or synopsis, gonna buy just cause you wrote it.

    1. God love ya! You made my day- ty :D

      This is a Simon & Schuster book so I really don't know. I will post an update just as soon as I do- I PROMISE. Please bear with me as these three books that I'm writing for them (ATL, ABT and now this untitled) are on a different time line then what I produce as an indie.

      The good news is ABT is done and in for edits and this new book is already 30% finished. I'll have it done in June so, like all my work, it's writing fast and I'm in love with these characters! And the scenery is so over-the-top unique I think my readers are going to like that freshness.

      Thank you for the faith!!! :D

      xo Marata

  2. Wow, I cant wait for the release!!!

    1. OOOhh sexy avatar (cuz I already knew you were ;) Thank you Crystal!!! 42% done today! xo


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