Hi Readers! It's time again... pick up the first three novellas of The Druid Breeder series for FREE here
And now on Amazon and NOOK soon....

Don't worry if the cover pic isn't the same, Smashwords doesn't allow 3D cover images.

I have a great price of just a buck on Amazon as I wait for them to price-match this bundle to FREE! Why, you ask? Well, Amazon has most recently implemented an adult "filter" which takes many erotica titles out of the general search. In order to stay relevant and competitive, erotica authors must get creative. Are all erotica titles filtered? NO... they're not. Fair? NO it's not. However, I am more tenacious than most... and I Keep Writing!

Soon this bundle will filter through to NOOK and iBooks as well with the new, FREE price- be patient, it'll happen!

Thanks so much for your support readers and please spread the word!

xo Marata


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