Congratulations Signed Paperback Winners!

Hi Readers! A quick note of congrats to my latest batch of A TERRIBLE LOVE signed paperback winners:

Jacinta of Canada and Susan of the USA won one signed paperback copy of ATL each + Swag and candy (yum) with my Goodreads giveaway that ended on the 19th.

My ever-patient winners of the 100th Amazon review giveaway (it's at 178 now guys- diggin' on that!) Amy and Jennifer, have their signed paperback copies in the mail as of Friday the 19th as well.

Hot hands will be in receipt shortly!


Now, for more news~

I enjoy doing random giveaways ( and not so random). Stay tuned as every time a new release draws near, I like to give away Free Stuff. Books*Treats*Swag*Attitude... lol.

What's happening? Well, as soon as I'm able, I will be putting up an April update vlog to fully explain the chaos of my Life as Author.

There's big changes and they're all great.

For April:

(check out these cute shoes....)

Vika (Queen of Gifs) was the recipient of my Angelic Reader Award and I'm already in the market for May's as she's been gifted already. Also, can I just comment: Vika really caught my eye with her Glorious Gifs. Holy Smokes... she's bananas on that and I slipped on the peel! Seriously, she's a clever reviewer, honest and funny. So she sucked up the prize for this month. Angelics are promoters of Marata Eros works. I see them promoting me, get excited, and fling free stuff. Wanna be next? Be creative and see what happens.

WTH happened to Breeders? I know guys, I HEAR you! Thanks for writing... ATL has been a great blessing and exciting change in my career. I am still the ultimate slave-driver on myself~
I do have works that I am currently writing. As many of you are now aware, ME is my pen name and I have produced ten full-length titles and two novellas under my real name: Tamara Rose Blodgett.

I have just finished the companion novel to ATL titled: A BRUTAL TENDERNESS and it's ready for edits. In addition, I am 9K words into my next new adult romantic suspense (title/cover and synopsis reveal to come). However, TRB is Due. It's kinda like pregnancy: it's time for a TRB full length and that will be BLOOD CHOSEN, book 3 in the Blood series. It is my next new release aside from ABT.

I find after two years of being an Indie author I'm terribly pragmatic in some areas: I rotate my titles; one TRB, then one ME... etc. 

What about BROLACH? You ask. Well, that first installment in The Demon Breeders is my next project after I finish the two that I'm currently writing. They should wrap in late June and then I'll begin on BROLACH and a TRB; which is how I've always done it. I write on two titles at the same time, one ME and one TRB.

A loose schedule is as follows:

Mystery Romantic Suspense: wraps in mid-June.
BLOOD CHOSEN (TRB title): wraps early July.
Writing begins for BROLACH in mid-June (expected release in late August)

Here are some of the titles I'm jonesing on completing:

new adult romantic suspense (title TBA)


I have lots of books and novellas to accomplish for the rest of the year. Rest assured, I am working diligently and hope to have a very firm pub schedule for all my readers to look forward to shortly. Maybe I'll even get those tickers back up there....

Thank you, M.



  1. hehehehehe Thank you for the mention and the link to my GR account... It was totally my pleasure to pimp you out and your hot Vamp men

    1. You bet, Vika... you deserve it :D *hot vamp men* lol-- ty



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