Hi Readers! The companion novel to A TERRIBLE LOVE is finished. At 81K words, it's 25% longer than ATL with 5 bonus chapters of new material, and a retelling of ATL that has-- count them, THREE huge reveals that will explain a TON while bringing insight to our Hot Cas. That's right...
Cas is going to "speak" during this entire novel...
What can I promise? Well, for starters, Cas isn't going to sound like a girl POV. He's going to be fresh, male and raw... like we expect. Anything less than that would be a Let Down, right?
#2, this is a new work, a new story, with shared scenes and many when Jewell isn't around. We want to know what Cas does when he's not guarding Jewell... don't we?
#3, more sex? Yes... definitely more sex.
#4 ABT will shock you. I like that electric surprise and hope you'll look at your Kindle and go: "What?!?!? Gah!" uh-huh.

Stay tuned for my next teaser and a big update for my April vlog coming soon...

Thank you, Readers!


  1. I cant wait to read about Cas. This is going to be an interesting POV because it is going to be a different story. I'm so excited.....Happy Dance!

  2. I'm reading ABT through right now and falling for Cas all over again- gah! What a raw hunk of male! *swoons*

    <3 ya Crystal


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