ATL News/Updates and Who IS Marata Eros...?

Hi Readers! It's time for some updates. Shortly, I will work on a real, live vlog and post it here for your viewing *laughs* but for now some brief updates will have to do:

With the success of A TERRIBLE LOVE, I wished to reveal my real name to my readers who enjoy my new adult dark fantasy work under my real name, TAMARA ROSE BLODGETT and for my MARATA EROS readers who might like the potential for cross-readership. I've been publishing TRB novels for a couple of years now and created my pen name (Marata Eros- a clever "scramble" of my first & middle names + a double entendre for that last. No, I didn't choose it!) to keep my dark romantic erotica separate. Now that my first non-paranormal, new adult contemporary romance has been released, I felt the time was right to allow both groups to enjoy this transitional work:
Currently an Amazon bestseller in the Top 100
#9 on the IndieReader bestseller list

Updates: As some of you might already know, I have made excellent progress with the companion novel to ATL, A BRUTAL TENDERNESS, told from Cas's POV. At the end of today, I should be over 20% complete with this new work.

I have received some interesting and savvy questions from readers about what to expect in ABT so I'll answer them (in as spoiler-free a way as possible) in the following question and answer format:


How long will ABT be?

I'm aiming for the same length as ATL. However, as ABT is a parallel novel to A TERRIBLE LOVE, it will follow the original story very closely yet told from Cas's perspective. That said, I do anticipate including bonus material between where the end of ATL leaves off, and the epilogue, which occurs in the story a year later.

What happened with Jewell's parents? What happened to Agent Clearwater? Brad?

The first answer is Jewell's parents will be fleshed out deeper in the bonus material and we will find out about the two characters listed above in ABT.

Why don't we know more about the past events? Faith? Thad?

ATL is a novel of the present, told in the present. It was meant to be Jewell's story of survival and how she finds joy and becomes who she was meant to be in a most unlikely way through circumstances that seem insurmountable. I sure COULD write a little prequel novella for the backstory (which I am intimately acquainted with) however, it might be a depressing little slice to meet Faith... then lose her. To watch the degradation and intimidation of Thad toward Jewell. As the author, it was enough for me to KNOW what Jewell had lived through then allow her escape to something better... however, I am open to reader feedback.

As an aside, we inadvertently DO learn more about Faith as we find out how she is connected to Devin "Cas" Castile. His anger and brutal undercurrent will be more easily understood when we visit just how much alike he and Jewell really are in... A BRUTAL TENDERNESS.

I'd like to thank all the readers that took the time to post their ATL love on Amazon! Thank you!

Stay tuned for a meaty ABT Teaser this coming week! My cover art and synopsis are finished and I'm waiting for the *perfect* reveal date which will be via AToMR tours, who handled my first reveal of A TERRIBLE LOVE.

Enter to win a signed paperback copy of A TERRIBLE LOVE  at goodreads!

ATL is currently #33 today in the Amazon Top 100! It's been a heady ride, gifted to me through readers who have graciously put me there by purchasing my work. Thank you so much for your continued support....



  1. Yay! Thanks so much for that I've been wondering for a bit what your real name was to check out your other books...but I didn't wanna cross any lines by asking. I downloaded some of your (Tamara) freebies on Amazon, sure I'm gonna love them based on reviews...I feel the title of crossover fan in my future!!!

  2. Hey Tee,

    That'd be great. I don't know which works you've read of mine as ME but basically I write dark, fast-paced fantasy works in both names (though ATL was not paranormal it was still dark... ;). Although my ME stuff is romantic erotica and my TRB stuff is fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal romance you should see a parellel writing style... or so I've been told! lol

    Take care and thanks for writing. Please take advantage of my Savage bundle that's currently free on Amazon: 3 books in one bundle! :D

  3. Marata, you know how much I adore you, you are one of my favorite authors of all time seriously, I am just so happy to have met you.... I am so glad to see the reveal. I am so giddy, I have more books to add to my TBR list. Your fan for life Crystal.

  4. I have to echo the sentiment because that's exactly how I feel about you. I'm thrilled I made the decision to make both readerships aware of the full body of my work... more choice is always great!

    <3 Tamara


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