Hi Readers! Here's my *first* official teaser for the ATL companion novel I've been writing titled:  A BRUTAL TENDERNESS...

Really? Is ABT so different? Absolutely... no *shakes head*
Cas is male so the POV is Way Different. Don't believe me? Read on:

*spoiler free and unedited* Just for my readers~

...But I'm not thinking with my brains anymore. My dick and heart have shaken hands, in collusion against me, their collective sights set on Jewell MacLeod....


I study her; high color turning her skin like polished alabaster to ivory kissed by the softest shell pink. Jewell should be in class but she's too intrigued by my offer of no-strings sex to say no outright. It keeps her in my protection, it'll feed that fire that burns endlessly.

For her.

And apparently, no one else. I would give my left nut to want another woman... any other woman. It would be so much simpler. Sometimes choices of chemistry are misunderstood. Or never understood. I've let that reactive and instinctual nature of mine take over. It's in charge now, and soon it will be in charge of Jewell.

I turn her to face me. The ache abates now that I finally have my hands on her body where they've wanted to be since I saw her dance in that auditorium.

Hell, if I'm honest, it is when I first saw the confessional tapes.

But I'm not honest, I'm not through lying to myself by a long shot.

I watch the blush deepen on her face as Jewell contemplates what just fucking with me means. Maybe there's some primal alarm ringing, trying to give her a warning to flee while she still can. But like many women, they ignore that ancient alert system and I know I have her.

I begin to smile.

I move even nearer, our chests almost touching and Jewell has to crane her neck to look at me. “I see yes,” I notice softly, begging permission with my voice, with my eyes; a mirror of my own need reflected in her eyes.

If she says yes Jewell is mine.

I don't know if I can ever give her up if she does.

“Okay,” she says with soft resolution. That one word springs my cock like a strummed guitar wire.

“Yes, what, Jess?” I ask in a voice that's barely more than a whisper, my hands planted on either side of her head, her body pressed against the corridor wall, while mine presses against her front, trapping her.

Jewell closes her eyes, When she opens them, I know she's made up her mind. “To fucking,” she breathes against my skin and my smile becomes a grin, my heartbeat racing to catch up with hers....


  1. Can. Not. Wait. >.<

    1. This is just the TIP *cackles* of the iceberg on how *hot* this POV will be~ lovin' on it!

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah... baby! That's even easier to do with ABT because it's from Cas's POV and he's a HARD CHARGER. Yeah, really ;) lol ty~

    2. Your books sound hot!! I am eager to check them out!! I have gotten a few on my Kindle and it is time to bump them up! Wishing you much success!

    3. Thanks Jen... super-happy about our connection on GR and look forward to hearing your thoughts about my work~

      Take care~ Marata xo


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