.99 Cent Spring Clean Druid Blow-out Sale!

Hi Readers.... Diggin' on Druids? Here's your chance to get the *entire series on sale for just .99 cents each beginning today as prices update! Pick up the following titles:

Don't want the individuals? No problem! For the first time ever and for a very limited time I have sale prices on my bundles as well:

The Druid Breeders 1-3
Save $3.50 over regular price!

The Druid Breeders 4-6
Save $5.50 over regular price!

I don't put Druids on sale that much since the first installment always runs free but once in awhile, it's a great idea to let Readers know how much I appreciate their support!

* book #8 regular price.


  1. when is book 9 coming out please?

  2. Hi and thanks for reading the Druids! I plan to have #9 published before Halloween. Initially, I didn't intend to continue with the series but reader demand drove DRUID BREEDERS , a full-length novel, and now there is another Druid world to explore in a different time line... I'm excited to continue with Baird and Siana's story.

    Thank you, Marata :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Ruth and thanks for writing. No, but I think I will have #9 in TDS done by Christmas. It will begin directly where THE DRUID BREEDERS, #8 left off (as all my work does). I've switched gears [for the moment] and hope to concentrate on my smaller series and complete the following: BROLACH (#1 for The Demon Series- by Halloween), & BRANDON (#3 for The Siren Series). You can download EMBER (#1 in Siren) for FREE right now here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/255112

      Thanks for your patience. I took a hiatus to write for my publisher and now that is complete I will begin writing on indie projects when time allows :)

      xo Marata


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