Cover Reveal for BROLACH, #1 in The Demon Breeders....

I'm feelin' a little devilish readers:
And wanted to reveal the cover to novella #1 of my new breeder series to release in February~

The Demon Breeders
Some of you might have already been introduced to the High Demon Warriors of Hades. If not, get a load of them in EMBER, and a deeper taste with my latest release, CONSTANTINE.

I've updated my covers to 3D. I'm a touchy-feely girl. LOL... so I thought the new look better reflects how I feel about my work and how I wish for it to be represented.
Stay tuned for an excerpt this coming week from my full-length contemporary romance: A TERRIBLE LOVE.


  1. Lovin the cover to bad I cant see his tail. lol Brolach is Hot

  2. I agree with Crystal!! Too bad!! xx

  3. My cover artist could add a tail but maybe... the mystery of the "heart-shaped" phallus should continue? Hmmm... lol ;)

  4. I do have to say that I have fallen in love with the Demon Breeders I can't wait for their books.

  5. I'm crazy over them too. It probably "leaks" through in my writing! lol. I can't wait to begin the story of Ruby and Brolach. It should be a *hot*crazy*ride*! ;)

    Thanks for writing, Jennifer~


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