CONSTANTINE Rough Draft's in the Bag + Synopsis!

This guy has given his express permission to post the synopsis for CONSTANTINE right here. Who am I to argue with The Command? Haha....

Novella Two of The Siren Series

Constantine is enraptured by a female for the first time who is under his charge. Ember, princess of the Mer, was to be bred in a rite without her prior knowledge. When Con discovers this, he murders her brother Desmond.

Running from the Warriors of the Mer and desparate to evade capture, Con finds himself hopping from one battle to the next in avoidance and loses an unwilling Ember in the process.

High Demon males also seek breeding females and when an unlikely discovery of a part-demon female falls into their lap, they're not above taking what should not be theirs, even when the consequence is death or worse.

Can Constantine rescue Ember and consume the fire that burns between them? Will the High Demons who seek breeders abide by their own laws or sink into the debauchery of lust and power? 

Update: this steamy little tale just poured out of me, Readers--- poured. Anywho, CONSTANTINE will release at or before the 25th as promised and our tortured bad boy will go full bore in this work....

Can't wait~

Marata xo


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    1. Thanks Desiree! :) My first Beta of three got back with me yesterday with high praise, she might even like it more than Ember. Just when I think I can't write anything further "out there..." I do! ;)

      Take care and thanks for writing~ Marata



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