Ready Readers? Here's a Teaser from CONSTANTINE!

Written yesterday: *Real Time Readers*:
Ember has left the "protection" of Constantine only to find herself in worse conditions. What will happen when Constantine sifts through the aftermath of her degradation?


Ember backed away while Constantine was distracted. It was better that she go her own way. She did not know what would happen with that mixed-blood. Guilt stabbed her, he had saved her.

He'd also promised her violence while he fucked her.

She knew that her brethren would be searching for her and she ran, the dawn creeping at the edges of a sky that shone like a black stone, gradually washing with colors of pink and orange, running together like a canvas where water had spilt.

Ember did not wish to have her virginity torn out of her body like a plug of purity to be rid of. That is what the Mer warriors had planned for her and Ruby, her brother spear-heading the movement. Desmond had been too much the coward to tell her what would happen. Saving her from a similar abuse by the Faction only two decades prior. In which Kier, now King of the Vampire, had actually rescued her from a fate that her brother condoned if it were by Mer.

That knowledge had been a betrayal Ember could not look upon too closely. That introspection would  surely shred her soul....

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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