CONSTANTINE passage Teaser!

It's more than a book cover, Lovlies: check it~
Con on the Retribution Warpath:

He turned to leave but Lucia asked quickly, “What is that?”

Con looked to his hip where his barbed chain lay looped. “The Encourager,” he said and Tarrin's eyes met his.

“A very old tool,” Tarrin commented and Con nodded.

“I have seen none like it,” Lucia said, looking between the two.

“Let us hope you never do, for if you had, it would make even the thickest tongue thin with speak....”


I'm just gonna say: I want Con at my back when the poo hits the oscillating device....

Update: Watch for my Angelic Reader Award coming this week for January!


  1. OMG, OMG, I am so excited about this teaser. I love Con.....


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