A TERRIBLE LOVE, Excerpt Here!

And now, for a tiny teaser passage from my new contemporary romance~

I look after Brad's departing back and stumble forward when a backpack makes hard contact between my shoulder blades. I search around for who nailed me and it's Brock the Jock.

“Watch it, girlie,” he says slowly and smiles.

The smile doesn't reach his eyes.

I swallow hard and then another pair of eyes catch mine.

Gray eyes like pale storm clouds.

I glance back at Brock and he gives me a hard look and then is lost in the ocean of students.

Mitch approaches me and I have the same jar of captured butterflies in my stomach I had when he pinned that number on my shirt.

I still have the paper with the number....

Coming April 2013


  1. I am so excited for this book M!! Can NOT wait!!


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