The SIRENS are Wailing! Catch an Excerpt of EMBER here!

Written today Readers!

Ruby knew she should be afraid but as she stood there, pinned against the wall, with the stranger's knee a placeholder against her slightly spread legs, she could feel her pussy lips parting to accommodate the slightly bony appendage underneath the muscle. It ground into the tender button of her pleasure and she moaned as she met his eyes. They were a beautiful burning red-orange up close. Like a sunset on fire.

Ruby felt herself falling into their depths.

He cupped her face. “I have searched for one that may withstand my heat.” 

Those fire eyes flared to gold at his words and Ruby gasped in surprise. The beautiful sunset fire melted to gold as he stroked her face with a light touch, the finger lighting a flame that seared then cooled as the trail of molten heat left a path in its wake....


Update: Druid Breeders is now "live" on Amazon


  1. This is your baby so Be Prepared! LOL <3

  2. Hey, I LOVE the new look! Very nice!!! And a cracker of a teaser of course!! Xx

  3. I am so ready! Love the new look!♥


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