The DRUID BREEDERS Paperback Contest Winner!

I'd like to thank my readers for entering my first signed paperback contest!

I've seen the proof and it's gorgeous. I feel like I'm sending my baby off to his first day of school! ;)

The Winner is:

Reader Zoey Derrick!

Zoey will receive a signed paperback copy + swag + a goodie!

Winner chosen by

Want to get your very own copy? TDB paperback is available on Amazon

Update: still waiting for the eVersion to come off "review" on Amazon to "publishing." Watch for an update when TDB goes "live." Currently, the eVersion of TDB novel can be purchased on NOOK & the Mobi file (compatible for Kindle) on Smashwords (ePub/Mobi files)


  1. EEEEK This makes me soooo super excited you have no idea!!! Thank you Darlin! You can find me via email at
    Hugs XOXO!!!


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