Sending FREE Stuff & Angelic Reader Reward!

Update, November 16: gift packs mailed!
Here's a sampling of swag for my Reader winner, ZOEY DERRICK! 'Cuz that's the way I roll... uh-huh.

Don't like Hot Tamales? Huh... well, that's the Celebratory Candy of the Gods. When I complete a work I mow on those and Feel oh so much Better~ LOL. So winners get a box of that too!


Next up? I will be implementing an idea that's been pinging around in my small brain for a few months: the Angelic Reader Award. Basically, this is an excuse to give away free stuff to a Reader that has Proven their Worth. How is that? I don't know... but, obviously, it's someone who digs on my work and Shows the Love!

The first winner is: Marissa H.

What is included in this prize?
A Sneak peek at the newest Work in Progress
Other cool random stuff.... (made by me because I'm sort of a creative type ;)


  1. GIRL!! You sure know how to get me ridiculously giddy on a regular basis, so for today I can be ridiculously giddy over Hot Tamales cuz that's how I roll, for today. Tomorrow I can be stupid giddy over.....Meh, I just be giddy no matter what!
    You darlin are the best and Congrats to Merissa H! Enjoy your Giddy!


  2. @Marata, you're so awesome, going above & beyond for us!!
    @Zoey Derrick you are a cracker! Love it!! And congrats!! xx
    @Marissa H, congrats Angel!!

  3. Wow sorry it's taken me so long to comment. I usually check on a bi-weekly basis, but somehow I got lazy.

    Marata: Again, THANK YOU!!
    Zoey/Aussie: Thank you :)


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