Christmas Contest Cheer!

I am STOKED, I just submitted THRESHER for paperback!

AND, The Druid Breeders Trilogy, Volume II

And.... so?

Well, here's the *great* news Readers!
For Christmas, I'm going to Give Away the world!
I'm a big time Elf In My Skirt
(Get surrounded by Gorgeous Druids for Christmas!)

Enter to win the Complete Collection of signed Druid paperbacks beginning Thanksgiving Day!
The Druid Breeders Trilogy, Volume I

The Druid Breeders Trilogy, Volume II
Exotic (the new Druid short in eCopy)

Stay tuned for contest details TBA!
Contest begins on Thanksgiving and ends on Christmas!
Winner chosen by
Domestic or international readers invited to participate.


  1. Yipee!!!! Best prize ever!!! What date is thanksgiving?

  2. Ooooh can't wait!!


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