Stoking the Fire of EMBER HeRe!

Whatever happened to our badass Constantine? Well... he's still the consistent sadist we've come to adore but with a twist...

Check out this brief passage I wrote on Tuesday....

"Good. For he is your new guard,” Desmond replied cryptically.

Constantine was stunned. He would not guard a female.

“I take my pleasure from females, I will not be called to protect one,” he said with clear distaste.

Desmond lifted a muscular shoulder. “If you were not Mer, than you would be without use, value. That you do not wish to have this position of honor means the same....”


  1. Con and Desmond(*sigh*)~ on pins and needles... LOL!

  2. I hear ya! I'm having a Fantastic!!! time writing EMBER. Another interesting chapter put away. I am setting the stage with how different the Mer are from the vampires. It's been awesome and I have a twist!!!! Lovin' it! You guys are gonna die xo

    <3 Marata

  3. Ooooh! You big teaser!! You leave us so bloody intrigued!!! Super excited!

  4. Need More , LOL.... I love me some Con.

  5. I love Constantine ! Lol. I can't wait to read his story.


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