EXOTIC... Lucia & Tarrin Cover Reveal!

Hey Readers! What happened after Tarrin found Lucia?

Find out in the FREE short that I'll be releasing before Christmas as a special thanks to my loyal readers. You guys are the reason I write. Here is a tangible way to thank you- a cherry on top of TDB cake!

How long will EXOTIC be? It'll have a word count between 3-10k words. It depends on how long it takes for me to get that little snippet written that needs telling.

Thank you Readers, you mean the world to me!

Update: Amazon has finished reviewing Druid Breeders! It is available HERE


  1. Okay, I COMPLETELY Love this cover!! :-) Now I cannot wait til Christmas....
    All I want for Christmas is Tarrin and Lucia, Tarrin and Lucia, all I want for Christmas is Tarrin and Lucia!


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