Chapter One of DRUID BREEDERS & Signed Paperback!

Take a seat... breathe deeply; A taste of Druid magick is here:

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Signed Paperback Contest

And now! For the contest. Before now, unless I bundled TDB novella in groups of three, there was not enough words for a paperback. The DB novel has changed that. It's meaty enough Readers.

Meaty enough. Uh-huh.

To win the paperback, post your comment here about your favorite part of chapter one.

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Contest ends on Halloween at the Witching Hour.

Marata xo


  1. My favorite part would have to be between the moment when Imogene realized it would be enjoyable and when she wanted the protection from the Reapers after the ceremony was done. I also liked when there was a moment when Baird realized he felt something more for Imogen.

  2. My favourite bit is when Baird can't hold himself back and pretty much jumps Imogen. I'm also a big fan of Quinn's member ;)

  3. Can I say the entire chapter? Well, if I had to pick just one little part then it would be at the end where she trusts the reapers with her body and life and they in turn want to protect her. :)

  4. Okay that was awesome, (I am completely loving Baird and Imogen)not that I expected anything less, so looking forward to this.
    I love that there is more story of the druids, they are such interesting characters.

    So far the sexy scenes are scorchers, I think my eyelashes are singed.

    I loved this bit...
    "When the Reapers broke out of the great forest of oak, they saw her as an apparition. White blond hair floated around her head with the light breeze that had come up, the leaves' fire a dim ember in the trees that stood behind the giant stones, autumn not yet upon the landscape, but the promise in the air, giving it bite, weight."
    This is a really beautiful passage I thought it needed to be mentioned this girl can write beautiful scenes as well as a hot story, and still leave you wanting more.
    Erica Pillera

  5. Erica (Anonymous) beat me to it! Nice choice =;-) That was 'one of many' favorite passages for me-- it's the imagery and descriptive word choices that make one feel as if they are right there.

    I will submit what I call the "first look" between Baird and Imogen... **Le sigh**

    “Baird broke through the thick forest, the trunks like stout sentinels, standing guard around the ancient Circle of Stones... When he, Carrig and Quinn caught sight of the Druid, he hesitated... Baird swallowed hard, his keen sight noticing the girl's eyes widen slightly like roiling thunderclouds of pewter. He moved forward, the Reaper warriors following, his eyes skimming a face partially covered in an inky mask; deep grey eyes lined by pale eyelashes stared unnervingly back."

  6. Hey Ronin! Did you see my changes? Just the ones we discussed. You were a great help to me, clever girl. What do you think about the hunk-o-love in the latest post? Tats, abs and handsome... huh.

    ;) <3

  7. Hi Marata! OMGosh! I had to do a *face palm* and shake my head to the Adonis in the latest post. It's a tad bit warm all of a sudden. =;-)

    It was beyond awesome to see the my humble suggestions considered and acted upon, but honestly, the entire experience is/was truly my pleasure!

  8. Your suggestions were accurate and I'm grateful for them. Like I keep saying (and I'm not a phoney or cliche type... not clever enough guys) my readers make me a better writer. It's a team effort and I love you guys for it.

    Thanks for all you do... and to Ronin: I wanna be you when I grow up ;) xo

  9. Won't let me read it, guess I'm going to have to do it tonight from the comp and not the dumb smart phone, lol!!

  10. I have a dumb phone... it stops that nonsense in its tracks... lol ;) I heard later you got that managed... nice :D

  11. Crystal Random Thoughts My favorite part about chapter one, is when you write about the strengths of the Druid Witches and how the reapers fear that particular strength and their magic. Even though the Druids are drawn to males by their bodies they still posses the power to do the males bodily harm LOL. I am also Loving Baird, Carrig and Quinn it seems like they were a force to be reckoned with. Also the steamy scenes are so hot....... Marata you are such a tease lmao, now I want to read the whole book right now :-)


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