Are You Guys Sick of Lucia & Tarrin? Me neither....

Watch for a Brand New short of our fave Exotic pair! That's right. Merry Christmas to my Readers.

What happened to Lucia and Tarrin after their connection? Why oh why had Tarrin been searching for her? TDB gives us backstory on Tarrin and his quest for this elusive Exotic... but what is the next chapter?

As a special thanks 
I've decided to release a pre-Christmas short just about the Exotic pair. How long will it be? About a chapter or so.... just enough to wet your whistle....
Stay tuned for a cover and blurb reveal after TDB release! 

Now, just when you think I forgot the Druids? No way, read what I wrote yesterday HeRe:

Quinn gave a soft smirk and gathered her close. “Sleep against the protection of my body, breeder. No one shall harm you while you lay within the pocket of my armory.”


  1. Merry Christmas to us!!!! You're far too good to us!! But I'm not gonna say no!!!
    I think I'm falling for Quinn!!! <3 I so hope he doesn't turn out to be a douche!!!
    I love the penis whistle too!!! I had penis straws at my hens night!!

  2. I can’t wait! I love Tarrin and Lucia! I also love Baird, Quinn, Carrig, Conn, Cole, Kier, and Beau ... **Just throwing that out there...** <3 <3

    Christmas can’t get here soon enough... =;-)

    1. I'm so glad you liked the idea. I was thinking maybe it was overkill but I ran it past Marissa (another divine reader) and she gave it the A. Okay. So maybe peeps aren't Done with Druids yet?

      :D xo

    2. We’re not done with them yet~ not by a long shot. As long as you continue tell their stories you’ll have avid and ardent readers. <3

  3. Awesome, I love Christmas it just so happens I was born around that time hehehe..... the suspense is Killing me! The new players in the Druid Breeders Novel are Hot Hot Hot!!!!!!!

    Again someone please fan me. Not sure what I am going to do about these hot flashes. lol

    1. The same thing I do... lol ;)

      I love Tarrin and he's just as hot, tender and merciless in TDB as he is in THRESHER. He's another hot dude that's super-difficult to let go of... so here I am, white-knuckling the poor Exotics into yet another story. The Writing Police haven't come yet to arrest me so it's a go... !


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