Another Piece of DRUID BREEDERS!

Didn't get enough with that chapter, Readers?
Do I have your full attention? ;)

I'm liking even darker skin but this guy's gonna have to do.... lol

Written yesterday; this is a raw passage readers, be prepared:

Their dicks rose like yeast at her words, swelling painfully in the hands she fisted around their tender flesh. With a yank she told them what they must do.

When it was done, both priests lay like deflated balloons, one with his prick buried in her ass, the cum sliding out to soak the thatch of hair that haloed the base of his prick and the other pressed between her slippery Druid cunt and his raw member.

Damien wanted to cry when she said her next word.

Harold actually did, scalding tears falling on the three of them, like a rainstorm of grief.

“Again,” she whispered in her hateful voice....

*For the record... I hate this female character... I can feel her death on my tongue. She makes Con look tame.


  1. Ahhhh... read the passage, yeah... that’s what I was doing =:-)

  2. OMG! What are you trying to do to us?! I need a cold shower now!!!

  3. just as good as chocolate ice cream......yum!

  4. Yup! Headed to the um, shit back to my desk. Stupid day job. I need a COLD COLD Shower, thanks Marata, you make my day!!


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