Another Piece of the Breeders... !

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Written Today:

Imogen sighed, standing as Siana did. She was struck by Siana's tall athletic grace. She reached her small hand up, cupping the side of Siana's face. “Do not give up, my warrior sister. You are the bravest heart I know, do not let unkind words from a dishonorable male strip you of your glory.”

Siana nodded.

Imogen left and as soon as she did, Siana stripped off the garments of beauty and threw them into the roaring fire that was constantly stoked in their damp temple.

Siana watched the flames lick the proof of her vanity until it was nothing but ash....


  1. The count down begins!!!!! I'm loving all the new characters to fall in love with!!!

  2. Angie I am with you. I cant wait to get into their story.


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