Hi Readers! THRESHER is writing fantastically well with only one chapter remaining for the close of the series (I'm crying in my Wheaties guys, I'm not gonna lie!)
The good news is I will be including a special epilogue that offers a glimpse into the Druid's future that should be very satisfying.
(I can hardly keep my mouth shut about Constantine.)
I'm dying. Lol. 
Have a great weekend and check back for additional updates.


  1. Awesome!! Congrats for getting so much written!! Looking forward to all the conclusions!! Sounds like I'll need to have hubby on standby??? LMAO You're hilarious!!! Have a brilliant weekend lovely!! Xx

  2. Totally will.... I can't believe I admit that to my readers! But hey, if it doesn't do it for you when you write it, how can you expect it to work for the reader? Haha! ;)

    A *fantastic* day.... LOL! I absolutely love THRESHER and I was so worried about making it perfect for my readers. Lots of Druid Action in this one. Ttys

    <3 ya, M.


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