THRESHER Teaser for My Awesome Readers!

Hi Guys! I've been busy doing the final read through for THRESHER today and my heart is speeding at my own work! So violent! So taut! Ugh! lol
So without further ado, this is a taste of THRESHER. The whole thing is strung with tension and upheaval but I *promise* a happy ending. There is enough sadness in life; in fantasy, I may do whatever I wish:

It was not the one of her choosing with Tarrin. She ached for him. With only that small healing blood she'd consumed, her body sought his noiselessly, insistently, inextricably... her blood called to his.

She imagined he felt the same, seeking her even now, from the summons of her blood. A melody only Tarrin could hear.

Lucia was not ready for the second blow, a stinging slap meted out by a dancing Con. It rocked her head back and opened her lip, blood welling.

Lucia was a full-blooded warrior Druid female and was accustomed to the defense of herself, expertly trained in the combative arts. She employed those skills now, tracking the tailwind of his strike with her mouth, latching onto Con's hand and tearing off whatever was in her mouth with her battle fangs. For the uninitiated (such as Con, more faction than Druid by far) true Druid vampires had special barbs, secondary fangs that tore, latching their deadliness like wrecking balls with hooks inside wherever they landed.

Con howled as Lucia took the tip of his index finger off and spit it out of her mouth like garbage....


  1. Omg... I can't wait til Friday...... Lol

  2. OMG! I have ambivalent feelings for Con (I love all über-alpha males naughty/nice). The traitorous wench in me pleads for some semblance of compassion. Surely Con is misunderstood?!?

    Please Lucia and Tarrin (when he arrives at the scene)… be gentle?!? LOL!

    I am truly hating that this is the finale =;-(

  3. I'm just gonna admit it: I dig Con. I know it's very wrong and I don't care. Sorry girls... just another strange admittance! lol. I love the twist with him!!! Ah!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! OMGosh... Ronin, wait until you read TDB novel. I think you'll be okay. It makes TDB novellas looks soft. Wow.

    ty Crystal :)

  4. Geez Lady!!! I love the scenes where "the bitch bites back"!! You're going to make me feel sorry for Con aren't you!! I've got too much damn empathy for my own bloody good!!! I'm so, so, so excited!!!! Awesome work lovely!!

  5. I'm happy to hear your thoughts on Con. It lets me know I made the right decision ;)


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  7. *I sheepishly raise my hand* Okay, I’ll come clean and admit it—I’ve been ‘crushing’ on Con since he was introduced going toe to toe with Russel in SOW.

    I have a ‘thing’ for bad boys. There…it’s out in the cosmos =;-)

    I am anxious to see how this will all play out! =:-)

  8. I hear that! I wasn't even sheepish! Lol! I was On It! Oh boy... listen to me go ;) Every story must have a naughty male. It must... haha....


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