THRESHER "live!"

Hey Readers! I've published THRESHER early and it should be "live" everywhere by tomorrow. No reason to wait once it's done, right? *nods head* right!

Check back here as I update retailer links. Currently THRESHER is already available on Smashwords:

As an added bonus of thanks and to sweeten the sorrow on TDB novellas ending, I have included A Dara Nichols' short, THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR, at the end of THRESHER....

Thanks readers! I couldn't have done it without you.... 


  1. No, no, no, Thank You!!!! You're just all kinds of awesome for releasing it early, you know that yeh? I'm all set ready to go!!! Woo hoo!! Xx

    1. <3 I'll never make my readers wait ( I hate that wait myself). I give a ticker when I know absolutely it won't be later than that date. :D Just a touch of neurosis. No need to worry, no need.... ;)


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