Reapers Are Romantic

Hi Readers! THRESHER is writing fantastically well with only one chapter remaining for the close of the series (I'm crying in my Wheaties guys, I'm not gonna lie!)
The good news is I will be including a special epilogue that offers a glimpse into the Druid's future that should be very satisfying.
(I can hardly keep my mouth shut about Constantine.)
I'm dying. Lol. 
Have a great weekend and check back for additional updates.

THRESHER is Romantic; Check it!

Whoever says that the Reapers are incapable of tenderness? Romance? Read what I wrote yesterday below:

“Yes... say yes, my breeder,” Cole whispered, her head on the jacket, her ass held in one of his large hands, eyes steady on her face.

Rachel looked down the long line of her body, the hills of her breasts peaks with pebbles of tightly budded flesh twins, holding his face in the valley between them. 

Their eyes locked and she replied, “Yes,” her voice breathy with want....


Okay... COLE, OMGawd *hotness*!!! Just so you know, due to the nature of THRESHER being the finale installment, there will be a touch more romance. Let's see if I can Pull It Off ;)

Thanks Readers!


  1. Of course you can pull it off!! That was sweet!! Days are flying by!! 28th is going to be a great day!!

  2. Yes it will be! The reward is my readers' enjoyment :D

    ty <3


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