Contest Winners! *drumroll*....

And the winners are:


Angie (permanent Beta; if she'll have me!)
Ronin (runner-up Beta for EMBER)



Winners chosen by


Why are there two Betas? Because I got so many entries that I thought there'd be room enough for two on EMBER.  And I like giving away three copies of THRESHER instead of two!

I'm diggin' on that wiener photo guys... diggin' it!

A GINORMOUS thanks to those of you that entered, I appreciate your support more than words can express. Stay tuned for a new FULL-LENGTH cover reveal for a contemporary erotic romance soon!


  1. I'm so loving the hot dog trophy.

  2. I knew some of my girls would!!! haha... I have a fantastic sense of humor, I hope readers get that! lol ;)

  3. I'm dancing around my house right now!!!!! I WOULD BE HONORED TO BE YOUR BETA!!!!!! Wooooooo Hoooooooo!!!!!

  4. Awesome! This day could not have gotten any better =:-).

  5. I'd like to congratulate my winners and mention how precious all my lovely ladies are... you guys all mean the world to me. I get reader emails (a few each week) and let me say, if it hadn't been for that encouragement, TDB would not have come this far.

    You guys *rock*



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