An Excerpt from "Bled," book 2 of The Druid Breeders Trilogy...

Page 9

 “You took me from the one vampire that was actually protecting me! From you!”
Is that what you think?” he asked in a low voice.
Yes! After your stupid thug jerked my arm out of my socket, he healed me. Cole did. While you were too busy worrying about taking me to do it without violence.” There, let him chew that and swallow the bitter pill of his choices. How could I believe he meant what he said when the way he had acted yesterday was in direct conflict?
Of course he healed you. Any of us would have done the same. An injured breeder is not worth anything. How can Druids carry our seed if they are weak or hurting?”
I watched as his pupils dilated, nearly the same color as the iris and started, shaking my head.
I backed up on the bed until my spine pressed against the cold metal of the headboard.
Don't try your effed up mojo on me!”
He smiled, crawling across the bed until our faces were inches apart and I turned my head looking away, ignoring the pressure that pulsed from him. The need to look at him as he wished for me to. I felt heat flush through my system and he hadn't even touched me yet...

Bled, coming Thanksgiving 2011


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