Friday, September 6, 2013

Interview with Joyce Lamb at USA TODAY!

Hi Guys! I'm diggin' my Friday (though there's moving boxes as far as the eye can see) because I got to flap my gums with the clever Joyce Lamb at HEA! We talk about Cas's sexiness (A Boatload, I know) and why I write dark stuff (still a mystery) and other cool junk. Check it out....

Oops!!! Sorry about that (so not guys). Here's the link: USA TODAY Interview with Marata Eros

I think I'll forgive this guy his bad habit momentarily... LOL.

What the hell else is happening?

That's easy:

Synopsis and excerpts coming soon like a short order cook! *servin' it up hot*

Who wants to be the lover of a demon? Who is mixed blood enough to breed with humans? Who is one of the elite warrior demons... with a dark secret that will mean his death if he's found out?

Uh... every chick worldwide, I think-- that's who!

Another A BRUTAL TENDERNESS deleted scene coming soon!



  1. Oh Yeah, i cant wait. I am missing my Breeders.

  2. Oh Yeah, i cant wait. I am missing my Breeders.

  3. I usually do not enter contests or giveaways but in this case when the author has so much imagination, talent & foresight, I couldn't resist helping to spread the word about them! I review books for new and seasoned authors and have several of my reviews posted on the published book. I have met a lot of wonderful authors this way, and they are always very grateful for the time taken to read and review their work.

    I am honored to enter, and to share not on the giveaway, but your blog and work.