Friday, August 16, 2013

A BRUTAL TENDERNESS Deleted Scene #2!!

Better than an Excerpt
Pre-release Squee guys!

What happened after Jewell was attacked? Could she dance again?


.... “I hate you,” Jewell seethes, lank and sweaty tendrils of her dark auburn hair curl around her jawbone, wisps winding around her sweaty neck. She can feel the pressure of her eyes bulging, the small cords in her neck standing out.

Her physical therapist, Russ Dandy, brings her leg up higher, until the toe is almost pointing at the ceiling. “Try to hold it, Jewell.”

“No!” Jewell gasps.

“If you have enough energy to comment on how you feel about me, you have enough energy to hold this leg up by yourself.” Russ cocks his brows, his dishwater blonde hair rises in an unruly mop above clear amber eyes. Eyes that narrow down on her without mercy.

Fucking sadist.

“Weren't you a dancer?” he asks softly.

“I am still a dancer!” Jewell replies in a half-yell. Her green eyes flash at Russ and he gives a smile Jewell can only see as cruel.

Bastard. She stiffens her leg, drops of sweat rolling between her breasts. Her injured leg begins to shake as Russ watches the second hand on his watch. Seconds pass, Jewell begins to control her breathing through the agony.

“Okay,” he says.

Jewell tries to drop her leg, but she can't. She knows how much it will hurt if she does it too quickly.
If she does anything too quickly.

Russ sighs, stepping in beside her body as he kneels beside her, he gently puts his hand under her knee.
A vision of Cas kissing that same spot makes her flush a bright red, the memory causing the reaction, not her physical therapist.

Their eyes meet and she shifts hers away as he gently lowers it.

Jewell bites her lip to stifle the moan of pain that rises like an escaped bubble through water. It rises to the surface, begging to break and pop.

Jewell sits there for a second, trying to reclaim dignity.

Russ says nothing.

“I'll never dance again,” she says, her chin touching her chest, tears burning a hole behind her eyelids.

“You will dance.”

Jewell raises her head, meeting his eyes. “Are you sure?”

He searches her face. “Are you sure?”

Jewell doesn't answer immediately. Finally, she nods.

Russ's face breaks out in a smile. “Then I am as well.”

“Come on,” Russ says, holding his hands out.

“What?” she asks, wiping her damp face with a nearby hand towel.

“Let's get a cup of coffee.”

Jewell gets warning bells that clang. No. Men.

Because there's only one man. Cas is so big in her brain there's no room for any thoughts other than him.

Russ watches her face. “No strings, you're a client...”

“I can't, thanks anyway,” she says.

He quirks an eyebrow. “Why?”

Jewell looks into his eyes, never thinking the lie, only speaking the truth, “I don't date.”

Russ jerked his head back, his brows coming together in a knot.

Jewell looks at her hands, standing before him, she slips on her clogs, wrapping her sweater around herself, spring hadn't sprung and it was still chilly outside.

“Why not... why don't you date?” he asks. Then his face gets light. “You don't really hate me, do you?”

Jewell smiles. “I totally do when you make me do all that horrible shit.”

They smile at each other.

“It's... I've been lied to and I'm taking enough of a chance just existing, I can't take anymore right now.”

“Who's lied?”

A heartbeat went by and Jewell answered, “Who hasn't.”

She didn't wait for Russ's reply, she turned awkwardly, two months from when her stepbrother tried to kill her, and with a slight limp, she leaves the rehabilitation center.

Jewell never notices the pair of eyes that watch her slow progress.

She never notices the loving caress of those eyes as she waves to Carlie from her car that waits at the curb.

Jewell gets in Carlie's car and Cas follows.

As he has for two months....


The truth will paralyze us all. Think I don't have some OMG moments of revelation in ABT? Think again, Readers! There will be some big-time *wows* in your pants! 

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