Monday, June 24, 2013

THE DARKEST JOY Excerpt and 1000th Like Contest!

Hi Readers! As promised I have the first official teaser for THE DARKEST JOY, my new dark romantic new adult suspense (what a mouthful, right?). AND, I have just gone over my 1000th like on my Facebook Marata Eros page and I wanted to give back!
Post your comment on what you think about this newest offering or what you've enjoyed most about my work. You have a week to do it! Then I'll use to pick the winner.

Thanks for playing and enjoy~


A sexy and poignant new adult novel from New York Times bestseller Marata Eros, about two lost souls who find each other in the wake of tragedy, only to learn that love may not be enough to heal the wounds of a dark and tortured past...

Twenty year-old Brooke Starr has escaped the aftermath of a brutal tragedy by abandoning her music studies and moving north to take a summer position as a part-time deck hand on a deep-sea fishing boat. When her survivor’s guilt becomes unbearable, Brooke realizes there's only one thing she can do to finally erase the pain.
Deep sea fisherman, Chance Taylor, has just wrapped his guitar set at the local saloon when he sees the silhouette of a young woman in repose, the full moon highlighting her shadow as she plummets from a pier too high for diving... into water too cold to survive. Without thinking, he plunges in after her, saving Brooke from drowning.
As Chance works to save her from her own emotional fragility, Brooke finally begins to learn how to save herself. But when their chemistry begins to consume them, Brooke withdraws. She’s determined to be the master of her own destiny... until the past catches up with her in a cataclysmic plan so dark, so final... it threatens their love and their very lives.

So it's confession time, I can see it in Brooke's eyes, the curiosity killing the cat. She's not from around here, she doesn't know. What she does know is my place is not a typical fisherman's shack. I haven't asked her the details of the tragedy that's put that haunting look in her eyes, though I think she really needs to talk about it. Maybe giving her details of my life will bridge that gap.

“So,” she says, running a finger down the glossy granite slab that covers my kitchen island, every surface mirrored, black and perfect. Knotty alder cabinets run standard height above the counters and touch the ceiling where pendant lights drop from deep amber logs to hover above the island where Brooke's eyes travel every surface. “Nice place,” she says with dripping coyness.

I bark out a laugh. “Yeah.”

“Drug dealer?” she asks and I laugh harder.

I manage to rein it in. “No.” But my eyes sparkle.

She moves around the island, where I'm perched on a stool and pushes between my legs. I get hard as she presses between them and my breath squeezes in my throat. “Pimp?” she debates softly.

“No,” I reply just as soft, tucking her in tighter, pressing her against me with my hands at the small of her back. I groan into her hair. “You're killing me...”

Coming February 18, 2014 in paperback and eCopy!


  1. I love your books, and I can't wait to read this one. For some reason I'm drawn to books about loss and redemption, all I know is that I can't help but love them. Thank you for this chance to win.

  2. You are killing me. These teasers make it so hard to wait till Feb. This sounds like another great read from one of my fave authors. :D

  3. I really can't wait to read this, it sounds SO good. Plus, I can't turn down an awesome male POV. (:

  4. You are just cruel...I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait til Feb. I love all of your works. Thank you for giving us these great reads!!

  5. Thanks for your feedback guys! It's the only way I can tangibly thank my readers for their support: FREE Stuff! Nobody's bitching so I keep doing it... <3 ya~

  6. Omg I want want wait no I need it!

  7. If I could spend just me day inside your mind, it wouldn't be long enough to absorb the awesomeness that is you. I cannot wait for this next book to come are one of the very few authors that I DEVOUR when reading. I'm a forever fan and officially addicted to your work! Thank you for sharing your talent, it's truly a gift to read your books. ;-)

    1. Hi V! I listed you as the winner of the 1000th like giveaway. However, I posted your "letter" as Y... lol. You still win; please email me at the following for your prize: marataeros (at) yahoo (dot) com.

      Thanks so much!