Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Teaser Tuesday Readers! A BRUTAL TENDERNESS....

ABT is literally LEAPING off the pages readers. Cas's voice is so loud and clear, it's like listening to a bell that speaks. I feel like I'm cheating as he tells me his inner turmoil and contrary loyalties... he's battling readers and guess what's winning? Well... love, of course!

Written yesterday *real time* Readers: unedited and spoiler-free!

O'Rourke shakes his head, giving a disgusted snort. “I couldn't believe the line of horse shit Adams was feeding me,” his eyes search my face. “But now I see it's true.”

I look at Adams and his eyes tighten. “What did you tell him?” I ask in a low growl.

O'Rourke suddenly sighs like a deflated balloon. “I thought maybe it was some whacked out conquest thing, Steel. You understand, hero's complex, right?”

Yeah I do... more than he knows.

He ran a hand over his comb-over, making it stand on ugly end. “I see now by your reaction it's more... you've fallen for this girl, haven't you?” he asks in patent disbelief.

I say nothing, the three of us standing there. Seconds turn to minutes.

“Haven't you?” O'Rourke repeats sharply and I flinch.

Still I say nothing, standing in stoic silence.

“Fuck, fuck... mother-fuck!” he yells, pacing the length of the room.

“Marshall...” Adams starts.

“Don't,” O'Rourke says, his finger swings up like a sword to cut off his comment.

He turns on me and says, “Tell me one thing, Steel.”

I look at him, my silence more telling than words can ever be.

“Why her? What's an emotionless bastard like you see in this vulnerable... goddamned ballet dancer?”

I  narrow my gaze until it's only the whites of his eyes I see, the room melting away.

“A chance,” I say, leaving the room and the consequences of my actions behind....


Update: Now that I'm 68% through ABT I realize that there's more story to tell with this companion novel than there was with ATL. There's tons of new info., backstory, insights and three huge reveals occur that will center and enlighten the reader. Also, I do plan to include 4-6 bonus chapters between where ATL ends and the epilogue begins. It's just the way this story is writing itself. Are there shared scenes? Absolutely, however... this is very much Cas's story of redemption from tragedy.... stay tuned for more teasers in the near future!



  1. Geez your'e a tease!!!! This is going to be a very passionate read!!! Oh Cas!

  2. Oh Cas is right! Thanks Ange~ :D

  3. Love it Completely. I am bouncing up and down because i can not wait for the book to release.

    1. Thanks Crystal :D I can't either... lol Totally stoked!