First, let me thank all the readers that HAVE posted their positive reviews on Amazon!!! You guys *rock*!

If you haven't had the chance, please do so HERE

Everything rides on this first novella and it is critical to the continuation of the series that it gets in the hands of the correct group of readers! You can be a part of that.

Team Druid!

It's just 20 words to write a review and currently, REAPERS is getting flogged (not that flogging can't be exciting on some level *winks*) but for the future of the series it is critical that readers voice their thoughts. It is dark erotica and I've been very clear in my disclaimer on my product page, but somehow, a small but virulent faction of readers have ignored that and left a review for a work that didn't suit their taste and was downloaded in ignorance. That should not speak for those of you that DID download deliberately, right?

Don't let the Haters Dominate!

Thank you!

<3 Marata xoxo

*In explanation: REAPERS currently enjoys a 4-star rating on iBooks with 90+ reviews and an almost 4-star rating on NOOK with 36, respectively. These sites allow full reviews OR star ratings. Essentially, it is easier to leave reviews on sites where all that is required is a star rating and this is why REAPERS has a more balanced rating on those sites. But Amazon is the Big Cajon. That is where the readership is largest....

Update 9/1/12: It's been since June that I've had to repost this. Currently, I have readers that are posting one-star reviews for Reapers, without being Amazon verified purchasers along with REAPERS being their only review posted. I think I smell a skunk. Is it possible that someone didn't purchase my book but somehow happened to read it and it is the ONLY book they've ever wanted to review. It's possible. But, with the majority of these reviews falling underneath the above mentioned; doubtful. That would mean there is someone (or several someones) who are deliberately bashing REAPERS for reasons unknown. Help me combat the haters!

If you loved REAPERS, please post your review. It is critical for the continued success of the Druid Breeders... Thank you

PLOW is selling great thanks to Reader Support! You guys are the reason I continue! <3 Marata


  1. I'm so sorry Marata!! I've read some of the bad reviews and geez it pisses me off! What a pack of arse holes to deliberately bag your work!!! I'm so frustrated for you!!

  2. Thanks Ange, It's readers like yourself that make it easier for me to write in the face of negativity. It's a little disheartening but thanks to a loyal handful of readers that were willing to post a review the wrong has been righted. As far as the disclaimer goes, I've done what I can to let [potential] readers know what the content is and yet, some still download then get mad and review; or have other motivations. Whatever the case may me, I appreciate YOU! <3 Marata

  3. Oh my god I love the series and am looking forward for the completion of the series can't wait can't wait even though I thought plow was a little short I still loved it 5 stars baby

  4. HI Kristina! Thanks so much for your feedback :D Please... feel free to post a review ;)

    You may be pleased to know that THE DRUID BREEDERS, a novel, will publish next month on Halloween (three times longer than my novellas). And, the finale novella installment of TDB will need to be a little longer for proper closure of the series....

    Check out my newest excerpt from the full-length~

    Thanks again <3


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